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 The Soul Technician; Jen Crowe gets down to the “Soul-ular” Level of Recruiting, Team Retention, Executive Coaching, Business Strategies, Soul Coaching and Social Media by teaching and using her “Soul-ular Method” designed to help people through and implement the FEEL-PRINCIPLE: Facilitate emotional experiences for loyalty, leverage or love

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My clients are business owners and entrepreneurs who are determined and excited to break through their barriers and become “unstuck”. They are committed and want more than anything to know what it feels like to have found their true purpose and their why in life or business.  I am a go-getting, high achiever, with a can’t stop-won’t stop mentality, my ideal clients should possess this as well, or at least be on the edge and ready to take the leap. I will leap with them.


My Services

Recruiting & Staffing

I can take the frustration, pain, expense, energy and turn-over costs of recruiting and hiring rockstar employees off of your plate, so you can focus on your business!

Business Growth Consulting

Knowing the key elements of why you are where you are, what blocks you need to overcome, and how to effectively move forward, are often the most difficult challenges to figure out on your own.

Professional Speaking

My goal is to resonate and authentically connect with people from diverse walks and stages of life. I bring new found self-awareness, clarity and easy to apply solutions to our biggest, success and life inhibiting issues.

“So many people know they’re meant for more… yet they are stuck in a pattern of survival and complacency. If they stay in this place, they’ll never unlock their true potential.”

-Jen Crowe

Start Thriving

I help people on their personal and professional journey to understand where they’ve been, find the clear path of where they want to go, and show them how to get there.

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