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I was born and raised in beautiful Sonoma Valley, CA.  A dynamic individual with a similarly dynamic past, I am the quintessential “Jane of all trades”.  A high achiever early on, I was able to reach all of my academic and athletic goals in high school, like top grades and team leads – all while couch-surfing to put a roof over my head due to family issues.  I became a single mother at the tender age of 18 and committed myself to doing whatever it took to make a life for myself and my daughter.

I was able to quickly gain success in male dominated industries such as Auto, Insurance and Consulting and received nicknames such as Bloodbath and BeastMode.  After many decades of grinding it out to be “on top” and creating financial success for myself and my daughter, I couldn’t help but ask why it all felt so unfulfilling. My answer came loud and clear while vacationing on the island of Maui.

In October of 2017, I had a near-death experience, which transformed my mindset, world and existence completely.

After collapsing in the Dirty Money in Hawaii on October 10, 2017, I was rushed to the emergency room in extremely critical condition.

Back home, my mother was being evacuated from her home due to the encroaching Kincaid fire in Northern California – she received a phone call from the hospital advising her to be on standby as they wer not confident that I would survive the next 24 hours.   

Looking back on those moments, the excruciating and soul breaking pain I felt was not coming from the bilateral pulmonary embolism I had just suffered; the pain I was experiencing was coming from a broken heart.  When I looked back on my life, it wasn’t death I feared, it was knowing that I had never lived my life to my full potential.  The biggest heartbreak of all was that I had showed my daughter that it was okay to live her life for others, and not put herself and her dreams first.

As women, we continually choose others and support others over ourselves. There is no pain greater than the heartbreak felt from betraying oneself and our dreams and visions. Since that fateful day in 2017, I  have committed myself to sharing the unique and profound perspective that a near death experience brings. 

Grateful for my recovery and a second chance to make things right, I now choose to live on the edge, unapologetically showing up AS myself, and choosing myself daily – no matter the curve balls that life throws. I’ve taken my years of experience, the tools I’ve honed as a high level executive and continually refined to overcome the varying degrees of life’s hard knocks, and developed a life changing program that offers individuals a chance to gain this same perspective – without the near death experience.

I have released my past and the anchors that kept me trapped and static along with it.  With a new-found, heightened sense of truth and authenticity, as well as the love and passion to empower and enlighten others, I have been helping professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals discover and overcome their own personal fears and anchors.

I have learned over and over how to FAIL REAL GOOD, and HOW TO SUCCEED despite whatever life can throw at you!  Scuffed knees, wounded pride, tear-filled eyes of loneliness, mistakes and regrets? a mouthful of humble pie? Ohhhh yea, I’ve been the lead role in those flicks many, many times…. And now I walk with my head high, heart full, truth as my guide, and I will show you how too!”

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