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My business growth coaching is done one on one, or with groups for a specified amount of time depending on what the overall desired outcome may be.  To best determine which path will be most successful, an initial Breakthrough Session is recommended.  I will help you every step of the way by bringing the self awareness, plans of action, accountability, and on-going support with her coaching and transformation options. 

I will show you and your team how to:

  • Stand on top of your story
  • Find your Authentic Voice and share it with the world
  • Breakthrough the barriers that hold people hostage in their life
  • And so much more…

SOUL Coaching

(One on One, Group or Team Sessions)

All successful businesses, entrepreneurs and people living their purpose in a happy state – started with a vision and a plan.  First, however, they had the breakthrough they needed to be successful.  I work with individuals, groups and teams to facilitate these breakthroughs.  Understand where you are now and why, where you want to be, and how to get to the next level. 

Making the decision to take action and stop surviving in your life is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. However, knowing the key elements of why you are where you are, what blocks you need to overcome, and how to effectively move forward are often the most difficult challenges to figure out on your own.

Workshops & Training


Put the Heart and Soul Back into Your Team And Your Mission By Standing Out!

(Consulting or Workshop Option)

Create and maximize an interviewing and on boarding process that creates authentic relationships with candidates and new employees, promoting loyalty and a positive culture while reducing turnover.   I teach and empower individuals and teams to become dynamic marketing generators by learning how to leverage social media and their community networking groups through authentic Relationship Building & Targeted Marketing, resulting in rapid new customer growth, residual business and referrals.   

Boost The Bottom Line Organically By:
  • Cutting the Cost

  • Reducing Turnover

  • Empowering Your People

  • Creating Synchronization

  • Maximizing CSI

  • Creating Buildable Retention, Residual Revenue and Referrals

  • Driving Growth with Effective Communication and Authentic Relationships On and Offline

  • Giving your Team Personal Power, Knowledge, Support and Tools Reach and Retain

To Create an Emotional Experience and Teach the Critical Components to On-Boarding – it takes Strategy

I teach the team how to:

  • Take ownership of their success

  • Set up and Execute their online and in person strategies 

  • Reach their focus audience

  • Build genuine life long connections that turn prospects into clients and clients into referral partners

  • Learn how to tell their story and resonate with customers 

  • Break through their personal barriers and self-limiting beliefs

  • How to implement effective and time saving techniques that maximize every connection made.

  • How to get more from their inner-circles and networking groups

  • Go from zero to hero in less than 3 minutes 

  • Plus much more!!!

Network Like a Pro!  (Even if you’re an Introvert)

Create Authentic Buildable Relationships Online & Offline for Growth

(Consulting or Workshop Option)

Learn all of the critical components in knowing how to:

  • Set up your online and in-person strategies whether an introvert, extrovert, or introverted extrovert! 

  • Reach your focus audience

  • Build genuine, life-long, connections & relationships that turn prospects into clients & clients into your personal referral partners

  • Learn how to tell your story and resonate with the audience that needs you.

  • Breakthrough your personal barriers and self-limiting beliefs; learning how to crush your obstacles, talk to anyone, and show up for yourself and succeed without fear or confusion. 

  • How to implement immediate, time-saving & effective techniques to maximize every connection you make

  • Get more from your Networking Groups

  • Go from Zero to Hero in less than 3 minutes: Meet, build trust & interest with automated follow-up and appointment made.

  • Plus SO MUCH MORE!!

I will take each person through the process of discovering their authentic voice (who are they, why do they do what they do and how it benefits themselves and others) and show them how to effectively present themselves online, or at appropriate functions…  gaining momentum, interest, and new connections (prospects, clients, referrals, networks).

Self Mastery – Genuinely Grow and Start Thriving Now

Take Back Your Personal Power – Mind – Heart – Body – Spirit Alignment

(Consulting or Workshop Option)

  • How to create Self Care – Basic applications to start now

  • Nutrition

  • What to say and How to say it

  • Getting yourself out of & preventing toxic/detrimental situations

  • How to create authentic relationships with the right people in your personal & professional life

  • Fast & Easy to implement tips, guides and how to’s 

  • Nutrition for rejuvenation, optimal energy, high vibration and operating in your higher consciousness

  • Simple habits you can do now to jumpstart your wellbeing

  • Stop shaming yourself and learn how to Redesign your body, thoughts, and life

  • Not just food!  Nutrition comes in many forms! You will learn what forms of “Nutrition” you consume physically and mentally each day that are impacting you negatively or positively and How to Re-Create your “intake” to support what you really want. 

  • BONUS:  How to start manifesting anything.  How to learn what to say and how to say it to stay on track.  How to attract the right influences and abundance into your Life and Circles. 

Confident & Captivating with the 4 C’s

Become competent and captivating, even virtually!

(Consulting or Workshop Option)

You’ll learn: 

  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Content
  • Learn how to find your voice, power and natural strength

You will also learn:

👉🏻 how to develop your online presence, including social media tips and strategies.

👉🏻 learn to maximize your interactions with online platforms.

👉🏻 how to keep your customers, clients, and prospects engaged in a virtual meeting


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“Jen understands problems and problem solving and she understands how to help you achieve each goal you set. She is a warrior, a thinker, a fighter, and a doer!”

Will Bucuoy

WB Photography Owner

“This course helped me let go of my old opinions on networking.  I now recognize the value of the VIP/Lifelong customer and the importance of taking immediate followup action.”

Christine Tickner

State Farm Agent

“I have learned more information about how I can help myself get out of my way and Unleash you Power. Jen is a powerhouse that will change this world and I am glad to say she is my friend! I can not wait for the next piece!

Stacy Vivian


“A huge thank you to Jen Crowe! This class was BRILLIANT. The material covered in this class was exactly the insight and catalyst I needed to step up my networking game.”

Alma Bowen


“Jen is an amazing coach and business consultant! Since working with her my business and clientele have increased significantly.”

Malinalli Lopez

XQL Media Owner

“Working with Jen, I was able to open my own Insurance Brokerage!  Her techniques allowed my strengths to be realized, journey’s to be appreciated and a greater sense of purpose to be obtained. I am a more confident and fulfilled individual today as a result of her coaching.

Alexandra Boyer

V1 Virtue First Insurance Owner/Broker

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