Jen lights up the room! 

She connects with her audience on a unique level of authority and authenticity with her humor, relatable experience and super-charged energy.

Through her story, Jen is able to resonate and authentically connect with people from diverse walks and stages of life.  She brings new found self-awareness, clarity, easy to apply solutions and motivation to our biggest, life-inhibiting issues. 

Your audience is sure to experience something different, something new, and something unforgettable!

Out of the Dark & Into the Light

The Key to creating a life you love comes from learning how to navigate our past traumas and experiences with new perspective.

I will show your audience how to:

  • Stand on top of their story
  • Find their Authentic Voice and share it with the world
  • Breakthrough the barriers that hold people hostage in their life
  • And so much more!

My Powerful Story


I will share my personal story with your audience, and explain why the time to choose yourself, your journey, and your biggest risk is NOW.

I will take the audience on a unique journey and show them how to take action, and how to stop surviving and start thriving in simple, easy to apply steps.

“Jen’s passion and attitude fills a room. She brings everything she has when working with teams and small groups helping them develop the best skills necessary to succeed. She has a unique way of deeply reaching a person’s inner strengths and pulling out their full potential!”

Adam Robert Cortez

DMK Global Founder / CEO

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